Common Lisp ANSI compliance test suite


This test suite - largely created by P. F. Dietz - started in the GCL (GNU Common Lisp) repository. Since its inception many CL implementors have come to use it to test compliance of their implementations.

Recent maintenance and extension of the test suite within the GCL repository has come to a halt. Because of the important position the test has come to fullfil, it would really be a loss if things stayed that way.

With the creation of this project, we hope to create a platform for discussion of the ansi standard as well as compliance to it. The test suite serves as a sound basis to record outcomes of such discussions.

Please consult the commit logs to understand the deviation of the original project.

Project aims


Everybody interested in the above - especially implementors of Common Lisp implementations [not limited to Open Source implementations] is invited to join the developers mailing list.

Obtaining the code

You can get the code from the repository (the project doesn't do distribution tarballs):

 $ git clone

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